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Friday, April 22, 2011

Bringing Tree Work Home

The more cuttings I try, the better
chance we have for success
 I have a client living in Mt Vernon whose old Fir tree needed to be removed because of root decline and failure. The couple has been living with and appreciating the tree for so many years that they both cried when I explained the reasons the tree needed to be removed.

They asked me if there was any way to save the tree or to clone this one. I told them yes, we can try. I took a branch from the tree home, took cuttings from it, dipped them in a rooting hormone and replanted them in an attempt to propagate the tree. Now we're waiting to see what happens.

The final product (for this phase, anyway)
Fir cutting, just before dipping into
rooting hormone

- Chris Busak, Arborist in Westchester & NYC